What Kind of Blinds Are Best for Kitchens (You'll Be Surprised!)

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Kitchens are a hub of activity, which makes them the centerpiece of the home. There’s an undeniable aura that emanates from this special room in any house. Whether you prefer your kitchen to be snug and intimate or bright and colorful, the window coverings you choose can go a long way in achieving the ideal atmosphere for your kitchen. So what kind of blinds are best for kitchens? Here are a few window coverings to consider.

What Kind of Blinds Are Best for Kitchens

Faux Window Blinds and Shutters
Faux window blinds and shutters are easy to maintain in any kitchen environment. They’re easy to wipe down, and the best part is that you don’t have to take them down to keep them clean and spotless. Using a damp cloth, you can easily wipe off any dirt and food splashes. They also offer a timeless, refined look and make the perfect choice for a busy kitchen.
Solar Shades

Solar shades are a great choice for kitchens as they’re also easy to wipe clean. You can even match your blinds with your interior to add to the overall aesthetic of your indoor space. They’re sleek, minimalist and great for keeping out the glare as you enjoy some family time in the kitchen.
Roller Shades

If you want to add some color and zing up your plain kitchen, roller shades will do a perfect job. They come in a wide range of options that fit seamlessly into the window and can be rolled up into the frame. Planning to make your kitchen happy, bright and uplifting, then you can never go wrong with roller shades. Another benefit of roller shades is that it’s very simple and cost-effective to replace the fabric if you prefer a different design or choose an option that isn’t easy to clean. Roller shades are also great blinds to keep the heat out of the kitchen.
Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are another excellent choice for a wide assortment of colors. They are also quite durable and have a reputation for retaining their original appearance. They’re resistant to wear and tear and will not crack, warp or fade. Their unique design makes them very energy efficient, making them ideal to keep your kitchen cool or warm.
Woven Woods

Woven wood shades offer an array of benefits, from durability to design options, and they may be perfect for any kitchen. The unique designs can add an exotic, look to your kitchen and you can choose different color and pattern choices. Typically woven from bamboo, reeds, jute, grasses and other naturally growing materials, these tactile window coverings will instantly add character to your cooking area.

Roman Shades
Roman shades are practical yet simple, giving you the opportunity to accent your interior while protecting you from the sun’s bright rays. They’re fashionable but create a more relaxed, contemporary feel.
When it comes to choosing what kind of blinds are best for kitchens, it all boils down to what you want to achieve. Think about whether you need easy cleaning, color or design. The trick with choosing blinds is to go for a selection that meets all of your needs. Rapid Blinds has a variety of options available to enhance any kitchen.

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