Residential Window Treatments

Professional Window Treatment Services

No matter if you need one window or one hundred, we are here to help. Our professional team will take care of everything from start to finish and will be there to answer any questions you may have along the way! So pick out what you want and leave the rest to us!

Once your order is complete our office will contact you to schedule installation. Our installers are experienced and work for us, they are not sub contractors paid on piecework. This means we are there to install your order properly, not quickly. You will receive a full walk thru after installation is complete. We will show you the proper way to operate your treatments to assure they work properly for years to come and will give you all of your warranty information at this time.

Just call our office and we will send one of our sales consultants to your home. Our sales vehicles are loaded with samples of just about every type of window treatment available. We will take the time to listen and give the proper suggestions. We have been doing this a long time and covered thousands of windows, so chances are we have seen it before. And remember, we are not commission based so we will suggest what is best for you not what is the most expensive option.

Need Financing For Your Window Coverings?

Special Financing for 4 Years with approved credit! No Money Down!Whether you are building a new home in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Glendale or anywhere else in Maricopa County, buying an existing home or simply fixing up your current home we can help. Rapid Blinds & Shutters offers special financing options with approved credit, including a 4 year option, to help pay for your order with no deposit required.

Building A New Home In Arizona? Let Us Be Your Design Center

If you are building a new home anywhere in Arizona we can put the price of your order window blinds or shutters into the cost of your home just as any builders design center would. The difference is you save hundreds or thousands on your window coverings with our low prices!

Here is how it works

  • We write up your blind or shutter order.
  • You submit the paperwork to your builder and or lender. They will then send us a contract confirming your order.
  • The day you close we are ready to install your window coverings. We then collect from your title company – you pay us nothing!


  • No out of pocket cost to you!
  • You’re able to get the custom window treatments you want not just the ones you have the money for right now.
  • Frees up cash for other projects on your to do list.
  • It’s as easy as 1,2,3 and we can work with any builder or any lender!
  • We started it and we know how to do it right!

Express Window Covering Order Rebate Program

In a rush? With our window covering rebate program you can get started today! You place a deposit to start your wood blinds or any window covering order and we give it back to you when we install your window treatments. Simple, easy and quick!


  • No credit checks until after you close on your Arizona home – keeps credit scores high!
  • Puts your window covering order into production immediately – no waiting on paperwork!
  • If you have a particular situation we can work with you to get you set up and get your windows covered, just ask how!

Financing is subject to approved credit.

Beautiful and Great Experience

"Beautiful and great experience with Rapid Blinds and Shutters. The install team were fast, efficient and did a great job. The shutters are so clean and sleek looking. Can’t wait to add more."

Jen S
Covering windows in Arizona for over 25 years and counting.