Window Treatments: Curtains vs Blinds

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Types of Curtains and Blinds

Blinds are fundamental to homes for many reasons. Besides being an enhancing component of your home, curtains and blinds control the light that gets through your rooms. That can be perfect for your room when you don’t need bright light at night or early in the morning. Blinds can likewise bolster your privacy by protecting your transparent windows from prying eyes outside. Below are the types of curtains and blinds you can consider for your window treatments.

Types of Curtains and Blinds

Sheer Shades
Sheer shades add a soft tone to a home. By tilting these blinds, you can easily regulate how much light enters your room.  These type of blinds create a unique look in any home.

Roller Shades
Roller shades are blinds furnished with a rolling system. They come in various materials that can be transparent, semi-transparent, and blackout.  Roller blinds also come in various hues and patterns so you can pick one that will sync well with the existing decor of your home. Roller blinds are trendy and stylish. They are also easy to install, and easy to use and maintain.

Vertical Blinds
Vertical blinds work to help in filtering light. These are the best choice if you need to dim the room while also allowing some natural light during the day. They come in various styles and colors that can also highlight the beauty of your home.

Roman Shades
Roman shades are superb at blocking light. They are made of heavy fabric materials. With the light blocking nature of these binds, your privacy will be guaranteed. Roman shades are beautiful and classy.

Honeycomb Shades
Honeycomb cell shades are spectacular for homes because, apart from filtering light, they add a layer of privacy to your home. These shades are manufactured using fabric or a polyester material. Cell shades can enable you to save money on your power bill since they are vitality effective. The size of the cells comes in various widths so you can choose the style that best fits your tastes.

Pleated Shades
Pleated shades are similar to cell shades and are made of creased materials. These types of curtains can unfold when drawn and fold back when they go up. Many people choose pleated blinds for the convenience they offer, however cell shades offer more insulation if you’re looking to block out heat.

Solar Shades
Solar shades are ideal for obstructing harmful UV beams from the sun without blocking outdoor views. They are made of a woven material and provide varying degrees of light and insulation depending on the weave you pick. They are for homeowners that need to save on their energy bills and secure their privacy while enjoying beautiful outdoor views.

Aluminum Blinds
Mini blinds are made of aluminum, which makes them sturdy and durable. The supports are smaller and the slats are more lightweight than other blinds. Aluminum blinds are affordable and come in several sizes and varying colors, making them a good choice for many homeowners.

Bottom Line
There are different types of curtains and blinds. Some block out all light, some filter out harsh light, while others dim the room. Their versatility also varies. Common types of curtains and binds include sheer shades, roller shades, aluminum blinds, Roman shades and honeycomb shades among others. If you will be moving into a new home or office in the near future, Rapid Blinds and Shutters provides an excellent selection for you to choose from.

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