Top Blinds to Keep the Heat Out: Cooling Solutions

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Windows bring in lots of light, but they also tend to bring in lots of heat as well. There are many solutions to to keep heat out of your home such as tinting your windows, installing sun shades, curtains, etc. But among all of these solutions, blinds are going to be one of the key components to make sure that you’re keeping heat out of your home while elevating how your home looks. This article will go into detail of what the best blinds to keep heat out are and what blinds you should install in your home.

The Blinds That Keep the Heat Out

1. Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect fit blinds are ideal for reducing glare and heat — especially during the warmer months. These blinds are measured properly and are popular and effective due to their style, versatility, and design. According to PHX Interiors, this is a popular choice for home remodeling clientele that want the custom look with added heat-reducing benefits. Installation of these blinds result in little or no drilling. They also keep window sills covered and are pet/child friendly.

2. Faux and Wood Blinds

Faux Wood or Wood Blinds.  These are horizontal blinds and have a variety of slat widths.  Some are cordless, and some have cords.  You can have the simple yet modern look of whites or grays or the traditional look of stained or darker colors.  They are good insulating blinds are are a solid material.  
They are very room darkening but they are not considered blackout shades.  For blackout shades consider cellular shades, which come in a wide range of fabrics that also include blackout fabrics, and are also available in motorized options (cordless) as well.

3. Roller Blinds

These type of blinds are also very effective in keeping your home cool. They consist of simply a solid sheet of fabric just across the window. The simple concept of roller blinds makes them more efficient than Venetian and vision blinds.
The blinds are fitted cordless or with cord cleats to keep them out of reach by little hands. They are therefore child friendly as well. These roller blinds are also available in motorized options just as the vision blinds.

4. Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are also quite efficient when lowering the heat in a room. They come in both wood and aluminum, and are also available in a wide range of slat sizes. The aluminum Venetian blinds are highly recommended for heat control particularly in hot conservatories. The wood blinds are very good insulators but can warp in extreme heat.
They are excellent in the heat and light control simply because the slats could be tilted. when they get fully closed, they darken but not as much as our blackout fabric blinds. They come in different finishes and colors to generate the desired effect required. Additionally, they are available in motorized options.

5. Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are great at not only keeping the heat out of your home, but they also are efficient when it comes to light control and privacy. They come in different colors and patterns, and they can effectively reduce both the heat and the glare going through the slats. Textured vinyl slats have the appearance of blackout looking fabrics while providing better insulation.

Keeping the Heat Out

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