Wood Shutters

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Wood Shutters Designed For Phoenix Arizona

You get what you pay for. When shopping for real wood shutters or poly shutters, we encourage you to ask tough questions and demand a wood shutter that is built to last and designed for the brutal heat of Phoenix. Below is a checklist of things you should expect from your wood shutters.

Are The Wood Shutters Produced From Logs That Are Quarter Sawn?

Our wood shutters are made from quarter sawn wood that produces louvers of remarkable strength, stability and beauty. As a result, our wood shutters are less susceptible to cupping, bowing and warping. Flat sawn wood is widely substituted in lower quality wood shutters because it is much more plentiful and inexpensive. A wood shutter is only as good as the wood used to build it!

Are The Wood Shutters Prescription Conditioned?

Kiln dried wood shutters only get you half way there. It doesn’t mean much unless the right amount of moisture is reintroduced. We employ a patented wood drying technique to reduce shrinking and swelling in each shutter. Our wood conditioning specialist determines the humidity conditions of each customer’s home location. The wood for the shutter order is dried to conditions emulating those of the final installation location.

Are Mortise And Tenon Joints Used For The Wood Shutters?

Employing the right joint for the job is one of the hallmarks of fine wood shutter crafting. Proper wood joinery is critical to the prolonged quality of a wood shutter. Mortise and tenon joints are far superior to butt or dovetail joints and are designed to resist shear and racking forces. Quality building practices assure our wood shutters will hold up to your busy lifestyle in Phoenix Arizona.

How Are The Wood Shutters Finished?

Lower quality wood shutters typically have a rough finish. Don’t settle for semi-custom or pre-painted components. Our wood shutters are sanded and finely coated with high quality stain or paint six times, assuring a silken and lustrous finish. The finish is also UV cured which prevents fading of the color over time. Hot windows in Phoenix will destroy a low quality finish in no time, make sure your wood shutters will last.

Are The Magnets Recessed Into The Wood Shutter Panels?

The beauty of our wood shutters magnet is that you can’t see them. With recessed magnets your wood shutters will close tightly and have a clean and streamline appearance. Combined with the strength of our tilt rod, our magnet ensures years of dependability unlike plastic magnets that crack from the Phoenix sun and heat.

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Are The Wood Shutter Tilt Rod Staples Failure Proof?

Who knew staples were so important? We did. One of the most bothersome experiences of shutter ownership in Phoenix Arizona is staple failure. Our wood shutter stainless steel staple resists corrosion and changes due to heat. They are also longer than the industry standard and affixed with friction-actuated glue.

Do The Wood Shutters Use Reinforced Engineered Stiles?

Nobody wants their wood shutters to cup, bow or twist. And yet we are the only manufacturer to use reinforced engineered wood, employing a procedure that bonds multiple layers of wood together with pressure, heat, and a proprietary chemical formulation. This imparts an intense level of stability to the cores of our stiles of our wood shutters and results in a robust support system for your wood shutter panels.

Are The Wood Shutter Louver Pins One Piece Or Two?

Most wood shutters are built with a single piece louver pin. When the louver is moved, it turns in the wood shutter panel. The benefit of a two piece louver pin is that one piece turns inside the other. This prevents ‘lazy louvers’ over time assuring years of trouble free operation with our wood shutters. At Rapid Blinds & Shutters we only sell the best whether you are buying a wood shutter, a wood blind or any other window blind or shutter you can count on quality.

Wood Shutters
Now you can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home for a lot less then you’d expect!