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Discover the practicality and style of vertical blinds. Learn how they offer versatile light control and fit various window sizes, enhancing any space.

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Vertical Blinds: A Versatile Window Solution

Vertical blinds are an outstanding window treatment choice for Arizona residents, offering versatile light control and privacy options perfect for the state's bright and sunny climate. Their vertical orientation makes them ideal for sliding doors and large windows, common in Arizona homes, allowing for easy operation and effective management of natural light. Furthermore, these blinds come in a variety of materials and colors, providing not only functional benefits but also enhancing the aesthetic of any room, seamlessly fitting into the diverse interior styles found across Arizona.

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"I received a quote from4 companies and Rapid Blinds had the best product pricing. They accommodated a change to my order , met all commitments and most importantly, did an outstanding job in a short period of time. Highly recommended 👏"

Robert G.

Vertical Blinds: Perfect for Patio Doors

Vertical Blinds are the classic choice for sliding windows, doors, and door walls.  Vertical Blinds are practical in controlling light and providing privacy. Offered in a variety of textures, and colors our vertical blinds are bound to match any decor. Vertical Blinds are one of the easiest window coverings to care for which only adds to its appeal.

Our vertical blinds feature a full range of textures and colors to enrich your home. Individual vanes rotate and traverse allowing for an unlimited number of light and privacy options. Our durable, high quality wheeled carrier system offers smooth, reliable traversing and quiet operation.

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Vertical Blinds: Perfect for Patio Doors
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"I responded to an advertisement after the first of the year when I had just moved into my home. I honestly did not hold out a lot of hope that I would be impressed with the salesman who came out to measure and give me an estimate. Fortunately I was! I received great recommendations from the salesman and got an awesome deal! The installers were professional and clean and provided a nice walk through when completed. So very happy with my purchase! Thank you Rapid Blinds & Shutters!"

Elizabeth C.
Beautiful Finished Appearance from vertical blinds

Beautifully Finished, Durability & Insulation

For a handsome, finished appearance, you can dress up your vertical blinds with our optional full 3-1/2″ vertical blind valance to add that extra touch of class. Valance corners can be gently rounded providing a softer, uninterrupted look, and are available on our entire line of vertical window coverings. Or for a truly custom look add a wood decorative valance to your vertical blind. A wood decorative valance over a vertical blind will add the finishing touch to compliment any Phoenix Arizona home.

Made from a durable PVC material, vertical blinds provide excellent insulation while combining beauty and practical function at a very attractive price. Vertical blinds are available in flat vertical vanes, curved vertical vanes or “S” shape style vertical vanes all with a matching valance. Vertical blind textures and colors that are so advanced you will think they are real fabric vertical blinds while getting superior insulation and saving money! Also, vertical blinds are extremely durable and very easy to clean.

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Even More info for Patio Doors

While Vertical Blinds are a great choice for patio doors, they’re also well suited for tall windows, which are very common in Phoenix Arizona. Vertical Blinds are also an ideal choice for windows in any room. Rapid Blinds & Shutters vertical blinds feature top of the line hardware for years of trouble-free service.

Our quality vertical blinds use tight stacking carriers for a tighter stack creating a clean uncluttered look when the vertical blind is slid open. Select from a left stack, right stack, split stack or even a center stack for your vertical blinds. You may have your controls set up any way you would like with either a wand or a cord and chain to operate your vertical blinds.

Typically, the controls for vertical blinds are set up on the same side as the side the blinds stack on. However, in Phoenix Arizona we have very large sliding doors that often slide into a corner in a room. If this is your situation you may opt for a reverse stack, so the vertical blinds slide to one side into the corner while your controls stay on the side that is most accessible.

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vertical blinds are great for Patio Doors
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"I found that every person I spoke with@ Rapid Blinds & Shutters were kind, thorough, patient & professional. The installation was done with care & the finished product is even more beautiful then I expected!"

Candy F.
vertical window blinds

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More Questions?

More Vertical Blinds Questions

Are vertical blinds easy to maintain and clean?
Vertical blinds are relatively easy to maintain and clean. Dust can be easily wiped off with a cloth or duster, and for deeper cleaning, individual slats can be removed and wiped down or lightly washed. They are less likely to collect dust compared to horizontal blinds, making them a practical choice for those seeking low-maintenance window treatments.
Are vertical blinds customizable in terms of color and material?
Yes, vertical blinds are highly customizable in both color and material. They come in fabric or PVC, and each are available in a range of colors and patterns. This variety allows for easy coordination with room decor and meeting specific aesthetic or functional needs.
How energy efficient are vertical blinds?
Vertical blinds provide moderate energy efficiency. They can help in blocking direct sunlight and reducing heat gain during summer, and when closed, they add a layer of insulation to windows, helping to retain heat in the winter. However, their energy efficiency might not be as high as specialized thermal or cellular blinds.
Can vertical blinds be used in any room of the house?
Vertical window blinds are versatile and can be used in almost any room of the house. Their resistance to moisture and humidity makes them especially suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Their durability and range of styles also make them a great choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas.
Are your vertical blinds child and pet safe?
We prioritize safety and offer various child and pet-safe vertical window blinds, including a cordless option to eliminate the risk of entanglement.
How do I get started with a consultation for vertical window blinds?
Getting started is easy! Contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation. Our experts will visit your home, discuss your needs, show you samples, take measurements, and provide a detailed quote.
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