Roman Shades

Roman Shades 1
Roman Shades Offer A Classic Look With Sophisticated Style – Phoenix Arizona’s New Soft Shade

Rapid Blinds & Shutters invites you to experience the softness and luxury that roman shades can bring to your Phoenix Arizona home. With a wide range of roman shade fabric selections, our collections of roman shades are stylish, functional and versatile. The elegant beauty of the classic teardrop style attracts many to select roman shades for their home. A supple fold gives the shade a dimensional, cascading appearance. The draping effect brings sophistication and softness to any room décor.

Made from premium fabrics and classical workroom construction, our designer roman shades offer high-end decorator quality at a budget-friendly price. With a wide selection of fabrics, color and options, you can get the style and quality you want without overspending. Our roman shades can be customized your way.

With crisp flat folds or soft hobbled pleats our roman shades give a soft look to any window. Designed to let some light in while still providing privacy our roman shades add sophisticated style at affordable prices. Light filtering roman shade fabrics can be color coordinated with our blackout roman shades for a uniform look throughout any home or office.

Roman Shades Suit Any Décor

The simple yet striking style of our roman shades create a designer look with a modern approach. Each panel allows the fabric pattern to be viewed in its entirety. Our roman shades are a clean, fresh and practical way to bring an updated look into your home at a reasonable price. Roman shades suit any décor, from formal to casual and everything in between. Available in different fold options and control options to fit any Phoenix Arizona window.

Roman Shades
Light Filtering Roman Shades
Light Filtering Roman Shades

If you live in the Phoenix Arizona area you understand you need protection from the harmful Arizona heat. However that does not mean you want your home to be dark. Problem solved, installing a new custom window blind does have to block the light like a traditional wood blind might. Our light filtering roman shades provide protection from harmful UV rays and the intense Arizona sun while allowing the light to softly filter thru and keep your home bright and welcome inside.

Blackout Roman Shades

Want to keep out the heat and the light? Designed to give both privacy and light control our blackout roman shades add sophisticated style at affordable prices. Our unique blackout fabrics have a special blackout liner attached directly to the fabric. This eliminates the need and cost of adding a separate bulky blackout liner. Blackout roman shade fabrics can be color coordinated with our light filtering roman shades for a uniform look throughout any home or office. Ideal for home theater rooms, baby rooms or anywhere light control is desired.

Flat Fold Roman Shades

This sleek, contemporary look has a sophisticated elegance with clean and modern lines. The flat panel roman shade is a very uninterrupted look. Ideal for offices, kitchens. living areas or anywhere else where a simple yet impressive look is desired.

Hobbled / Teardrop Fold Roman Shades

The softly curving folds in this style roman shade conveys a rich sense of timeless luxury and a more traditional appearance. While still tailored, this style has a wonderfully soft feel. The flexibility of this style lends itself to use with all kinds of fabrics from more heavy, full-bodied to softer, more lightweight.

Roman Shade Control Options

Roman Shades offer a variety of control options. The standard pull cord can be positioned on either side of your roman shade and quickly raise or lowers your roman shade to any position you desire. For larger shades we recommend upgrading to our continuous cord loop headrail. A popular option, especially for wide, heavier shades. A continuous cord loop opens and closes the shade smoothly and evenly eleminating the traditional dangling cord, adding child safety and a neater appearance. A special clutch system keeps the shade at the desired height. For the ultimate is safety consider a roman shade with cordless operation. This popular option provides a hidden control system that eliminates the lift cord and enables the shade or blind to be easily raised or lowered with the touch of a finger.

A special clutch system keeps the shade at the desired height. Great for child and pet safety too!

Now you can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home for a lot less then you’d expect!