Faux Wood Blinds

The Look Of A Wood Blind With The Affordability Of Faux Wood

If you desire the look of a wood blind and want it for less, then this is the blind for you! The popular 2″ or 2 1/2″ wide slat comes in smooth or textured finishes, available in both paints and stains. Rapid Blinds & Shutters faux wood blinds are made of an attractive, resilient, polymer material, which is easy to clean and resists warping or cracking even under extreme temperatures. Perfect for Phoenix Arizona.

We Make Choosing Faux Wood Blinds Simple

First of all, we have more faux wood blind paints and faux wood blind stains than you could ever think of. In fact, you can even combine faux wood blinds and shutters in your Phoenix Arizona home and have them color coordinated. Faux wood blinds combine the attractiveness of real wood with the durability, ease of cleaning and weather resistance of man made materials. Faux wood blinds, which are also called imitation wood and sometimes fake wood, are avaliable with PVC vinyl slats or composite wood. Faux wood blinds are a great choice for humid environments, harsh direct sun or high traffic rooms. Faux wood blinds are often chosen for their increased durability or lower cost, in contrast to their natural material counterparts. In fact, they can easily be blended in a home, where faux woods are used in humid rooms or in areas that will require more frequent cleaning like a kitchen. In addition to these highly utilitarian characteristics, faux woods are also available in a wide variety of stains and painted colors.

Faux Wood Blind Options Galore

When we say custom faux wood blinds we mean custom faux wood blinds. Let us make your faux wood blinds your way. Add crown wrap around valances available in different sizes and designer profiles. Decorative and solid cloth tapes can be added to your faux wood blinds to accent fabrics in your Phoenix Arizona home. Custom options like our privacy routeless feature, which eliminates holes in the slats for superior privacy and light control.

Faux Wood Blinds Designed For Your Phoenix Arizona Home

Faux wood blind slats are available in both smooth or textured finishes. Select not only the type of controls for your faux wood blinds but you can select the side of the controls, perfect for corner windows where one side of the window may be blocked by furniture. Custom faux wood blind features like tile cutouts for bathroom and kitchen windows.

Durability, The Difference In Our Faux Wood Blinds Are The Details You’ll Never Notice

Quality parts assure precise operation. Faux wood slats specifically tailored for our Phoenix Arizona climate assures long lasting faux wood blinds. The result, custom faux wood blinds that fit perfectly, close tightly and look exquisite. Just like our Poly Shutters our faux wood blinds are made with only the most durable material assuring years of trouble free operation and backed by a lifetime warranty.

What Goes Into Making A Faux Wood Blind?

There are a lot of factors that go into making a quality faux wood blind. A house in Phoenix Arizona will put different demands on a window blinds than say a house is a colder climate. Different temperatures, sun exposure and seasonal changes vary from region to region. All of our faux wood blinds are made from faux wood specifically selected to accommodate the demands of our climate in Phoenix. You might not consider all these factors but at Rapid Blinds and Shutters we do, that is why we can offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our faux wood blinds.

Just as the faux wood selected to make a faux wood blind, the working parts matter just as much. The working mechanisms we use are built to last. We use nylon reinforced cords to assure years of trouble free operation of your faux wood blinds. Our faux wood blinds are built to last on the inside and outside while adding timeless beauty to compliment your Phoenix Arizona lifestyle.

Now you can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home for a lot less then you’d expect!