Cellular Shades Phoenix / Honeycomb

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Energy Efficient Sound Absorbing Cellular Shades Phoenix

Cellular shades, also called honeycomb shades, are one of our Rapid Blinds most popular window coverings. Offering a unique blend of style, versatility and energy efficiency and alternative to the traditional window blinds. And with ever increasing energy costs, conservation is now more important than ever with window treatments. Cellular honeycomb shades distinctive cellular construction traps a layer of air within the cells, providing a protective barrier against extreme temperatures insulating your home against the elements to help reduce your Phoenix Arizona heating and cooling bills. For exceptionally hot Phoenix Arizona windows our double cell cellular shade fabrics provide an additional layer of insulation. Cellular honeycomb shades also have superior sound absorption, making your surroundings quieter and more comfortable. Ideal for children’s rooms or theater rooms.

Cellular Honeycomb Shades Are Today’s Modern Look

Their unique design offers a modern look, providing an inner channel that hides cords. Because these cellular shades Phoenix are made of durable polyester fabric, they are stain resistant, washable and wrinkle resistant. Available in single or double cell, as well as several pleat sizes. These shades are even available in a vertical application, ideal for sliding glass doors, allowing the same fabric to be on windows and doors in the same room. A neutral white backing provides a uniform look to the outside.

Cellular Shades With Cords? No Cords? Go Up, Come Down Or Slide To The Side

Our cellular shades offer versatile design options to fit all the windows in your Phoenix Arizona home. You can choose to have your cellular honeycomb shades go in just about any direction and operate any way you would like.

Cellular shades Phoenix are much lighter than hard window coverings such as wood blinds and offer a variety of control options. The standard pull cord can be positioned on either side of your cellular honeycomb shade and quickly raise or lowers your cellular shade to any position you desire. For larger window treatments and window blinds we recommend upgrading to our continuous cord loop headrail. A popular option, especially for wide, heavier window coverings. A continuous cord loop opens and closes the shade smoothly and evenly. Eliminates the traditional dangling cord, adding child safety and a neater appearance. A special clutch system keeps the shade at the desired height. For the ultimate in safety consider cellular honeycomb shades with cordless operation or motorized which is a great choice for putting a shade behind a shutter for extra light and heat control. This popular option provides a hidden control system that eliminates the lift cord and enables the shade to be easily raised or lowered with the touch of a finger. A special clutch system keeps the shade at the desired height. Great for child and pet safety too.

Cellular honeycomb shades can be made as top down/bottom up cellular honeycomb shades. The top down/bottom up cellular honeycomb shades can be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top by two sets of lift cords located on opposite sides of the cellular honeycomb shade. When raised, the material rises from the bottom of the cellular honeycomb shade and stacks on the top. When lowered the material lowers from the top of the cellular honeycomb shade and rests on the bottom.

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Vertical Honeycomb Shades
Vertical Sliding Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Okay so you are tired of vertical blinds right? Do we have a solution for you. Our vertical sliding cellular honeycomb shades are a perfect for any sliding glass door or any window in Phoenix Arizona. Our vertical sliding cellular honeycomb shades slides effortlessly on a durable rust resistant aluminum track. Over-sized sliding glass doors or French doors are an ideal place to put vertical sliding cellular honeycomb shades, when slid open the tight stack clears your glass while taking up hardly any wall space. Vertical sliding cellular honeycomb shades are available as left stacking vertical sliding cellular honeycomb shades, right stacking vertical sliding cellular honeycomb shades, split stacking vertical sliding cellular honeycomb shades or even center stacking vertical sliding cellular honeycomb shades.

Cellular Honeycomb Shade Specialty Shapes

There always seems to be that one problem window you can not figure out how to cover. Well problem solved! Due to the durable cellular construction cellular honeycomb shades can be made to fit just about any window. They can even be made to fit specialty shapes such as, arched cellular honeycomb shades, angled cellular honeycomb shades, circular cellular honeycomb shades, triangular cellular honeycomb shades, octagon cellular honeycomb shades, angled top cellular honeycomb shades or just about anything else you can think of.

Single Cell or Double Cell Honeycomb Shades

Cellular honeycomb shades come in various shapes and sizes. From small cell sizes to large cell sizes, single cell honeycomb shades or double cell honeycomb shades. Typically a double cell cellular honeycomb shade will have slightly higher R-Value than a single cell cellular honeycomb shade. The higher the R-Value the more insulating a cellular honeycomb shade is. However often a larger single cell cellular honeycomb shade will have a R-Value as high as or even higher than a smaller double cell cellular honeycomb shade. Also the density of the cellular material you are selecting will affect the R-value as well. Sometimes smaller single cell shades are a better choice for places like french doors or smaller windows over showers. Whereas larger cell cellular honeycomb shades are commonly used for larger windows for a less busy look.

Light Filtering Cellular Honeycomb Shades

If you live in the Phoenix Arizona area you understand you need protection from the harmful Arizona heat. However that does not mean you want your home to be dark. Problem solved! Our light filtering cellular honeycomb shades provide protection from harmful UV rays and the intense Arizona sun while allowing the light to softly filter thru and keep your home bright and welcome inside.

Blackout Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Want to keep out the heat and the light? Designed to give both privacy and light control our blackout cellular honeycomb shades add sophisticated style at affordable prices. Our unique blackout fabrics have a special blackout liner attached on the inside of the cellular material. This eliminates the need and cost of adding a separate bulky blackout liner. Blackout cellular honeycomb shades fabrics can be color coordinated with our light filtering cellular honeycomb shades for a uniform look throughout any home or office. Ideal for home theater rooms, baby rooms or anywhere light control is desired.

Now you can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home for a lot less then you’d expect!