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Woven Wood / Bamboo Shades, The New Look Of Phoenix Arizona

Woven Wood Shades

Natural woven wood shades such as bamboo shades or shades with reeds express an easy confidence in decorating, and we offer the most options you'll find. Enhance the style of your Phoenix Arizona homes natural woven wood shade with decorative and functional upgrades you won't find in bamboo blinds offered elsewhere. And unlike those common bamboo blinds, you can create your custom woven shades in hand-selected materials, including bamboo, reeds, shades made with exotic grasses as well as woven blends. All Natural Woven materials used in these window shades are globally sourced, renewable and environmentally responsible.

Woven wood shades combine traditional styling and natural woods with modern operating systems. Our woven woods are uniquely constructed from natural bamboo, reeds, jutes, rattan, grasses and woods. All shades have heavy duty cording for safety and durability with a cord lock/pulley system for smooth, reliable operation. To simplify your life, these shades can be motorized for one touch control. The natural textures of each shade provide varying degrees of light control and privacy. Room darkening and privacy liners are available. They are also available in a vertical blind style with sliding panels. These shades are expertly crafted to bring your windows and rooms to life, offering amazing interpretations of our own natural world.

Woven Wood / Bamboo Shade Edge Bindings

Shade Edge Bindings

Enhance the beauty of your woven woods with edge bindings. These soft, natural-toned fabrics, sewn onto the edges of the woven wood shade and bottom of the woven wood shade and valance, add a unique, decorative accent and give your bamboo shades a fashionable, finished appearance. Cotton Twill Binding in assorted colors. Standard binding is wrapped from front to back of shade on the side and bottom edges of both the shade and valance and sewn to the woven wood fabric; or as specified. Not only does this feature add a designers touch to your woven wood bamboo shade but it also keep the edges of your woven wood neater in appearance. Functionally the edge binding protects the edges of your woven wood shades from fraying and being damaged assuring years of beauty from our woven wood shades.

Blackout Woven Wood Shade Liners

Blackout Shade Liners

Want to keep out the heat and the light? Designed to give both privacy and light control our blackout woven wood shade liners add sophisticated style at affordable prices. Our unique blackout woven wood shade liners attach to the back of the woven wood bamboo shade. Blackout liners help keep the brutal Phoenix Arizona heat out as well as controlling the light when you want to. Ideal for home theater rooms, baby rooms or anywhere light control is desired.

Woven Wood Bamboo Shade Control Options

Bamboo Shade Contol Options

Woven wood shades offer a variety of control options. The standard pull cord can be positioned on either side of your woven wood shade and quickly raise or lowers your roman shade to any position you desire. For larger shades we recommend upgrading to our continuous cord loop headrail. A popular option, especially for wide, heavier shades. A continuous cord loop opens and closes the shade smoothly and evenly. Eliminates the traditional dangling cord, adding child safety and a neater appearance. A special clutch system keeps the shade at the desired height.

For the ultimate is safety consider woven wood shades with cordless operation. This popular option provides a hidden control system that eliminates the lift cord and enables the shade to be easily raised or lowered with the touch of a finger. A special clutch system keeps the shade at the desired height. Great for child and pet safety too! Woven wood shades can be made as top down/bottom up woven wood shades. The top down/bottom up woven wood shades can be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top by two sets of lift cords located on opposite sides of the woven wood shade. When raised, the material rises from the bottom of the woven wood shade and stacks on the top. When lowered the material lowers from the top of the woven wood shade and rests on the bottom.

Woven Wood Bamboo Shades As Sliding Panels

Bamboo Sliding Panel Shades

Okay so you are tired of vertical blinds right? Do we have a solution for you. Our woven wood bamboo shade sliding panel track system is perfect for any sliding glass door or any window in Phoenix Arizona. Our woven wood bamboo sliding track system slides effortlessly on a durable rust resistant aluminum track. Panel attachment configured to greatly reduce light gap between woven wood shade panels. Available as single sliding track systems or multiple sliding track systems.

Adding a natural feel to your home one window at a time!

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