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Tint And Sunscreens, Help You Beat Phoenix Arizona's Brutal Heat

Phoenix Window Tinting

Window Tinting Reduces Glare and Heat from the Phoenix Arizona Sun. Is the view surrounding your home obstructed? Is your carpet and furniture fading from the suns rays? Are you looking for extra security with today's technology? We can meet your needs and preferences with modern window film. You can regain a clear, glare free view of your surroundings and protect your home's interior from the fierce Arizona sun. Window tint will reject 99% of ultraviolet energy. With our window film, you gain other benefits as well, such as shatter resistant glass, reduced energy usage and extra protection from intruders.

Solar Sunscreens Stop The Heat Before It Gets To The Glass

Phoenix Sunscreens

Solar sunscreens are designed to reduce heat transfer through windows by helping eliminate the sun's harmful rays, up to 90%. Sunscreens not only reduce the heat, but they play an important role in glare reduction as well as daytime privacy. Solar screens never directly contact the surface of the glass, which allows it to stop the heat before it reaches the window. You can protect you furnishing and carpets from the harmful sunrays while lowering your utility costs. Sunscreens are also a durable alternative to insect screen materials. You can even make them motorized so when you don't need them they are gone!

Our screens are available in a variety of colors to accentuate the beauty of your home.

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