Specialty Windows & Doors

Do you have a unique window or door in your house?  Don’t worry we can cover any opening, any shape any size.

Curved or Arched Windows

An extremely common window in Phoenix Arizona is an arched window. There are many different shapes of arched windows.  Some have a slight curve, others have a larger curve.  We can put a shade or shutter on any arched window no matter the shape.

Patio Doors

A lot of people think a vertical blind is the only option for a patio door, that is simply not the case.  You can do almost anything on a patio.  Motorized shades that raise above a door, sliding shades that slide like the door or shutters that either fold or slide like your door.

Raked or Angle Windows

Have a window that is not quite square?  Maybe an angle on one of the sides or the top or even the bottom.  We got a solution!

French Doors

French doors often have handles that interfere or overlap the glass. So how do you do attain privacy if the handle is in the way? Easy, a custom notch to fit around your handle. Some doors even require two notches, one for the handle and one for a lock. We will custom notch to fit your door perfectly.

Custom Tile, Skylights, Corner Windows or Anything Else

Maybe you have tile in the way or a wall covers part of your window? How about a block or shallow window? Our fine craftsman can custom make your blinds or shutters to fit any obstruction.

Now you can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home for a lot less then you’d expect!