November 2018

Blinds Suitable For Bedrooms

Your bedroom is your most personal space. When it comes to decorating windows, most people prioritize privacy and security over aesthetic designs. With the sheer number of blinds available these days, there’s no reason your privacy and artistic expression should be mutually exclusive. In this article, we will discuss some blinds suitable for bedrooms.

Blinds Suitable For Bedrooms

Bedrooms are an oasis for many individuals. That is why it is important to select blinds suitable for bedrooms. Below you will find a list of different types of blinds and descriptions to help you pick out the perfect window treatments.

1. Blackout Blinds
You may want blinds that prevent the sun from shining on your face early in the morning in your bedroom.

Blackout blinds are on the extreme “keep all sunlight out” end of the sun rays spectrum. They’re for people who loveBlinds Suitable For Bedrooms a dark room. Most blackout roller blinds have a tighter weave so that light cannot slip through.  Blackout cell shades have a liner on the back that blocks light from getting in and blackout roman shades have a fabric liner, as well, that keeps the pesky light from shining on your face in the morning.  Some of the bedrooms blind to choose from including;

2. Double Cell Shades & Day/Night Shades
Sometimes called duettes, double cell shades offer an extra layer of insulation and fabric to help block out heat and light.  One other feature is the top down, bottom up option. Depending on the type of duette blind you pick, you’ll be able to leave either the top or bottom sides rolled.

Some 2 in 1 duette blinds have two different fabrics in one blind, with each fabric performing a specific function.  These are also called day and night shades.  They can be useful if you want light sometimes and darkness at other times.  These shades are considered great insulators.  The front fabric can be light filtering and the rear fabric can be made as a blackout, so you have the option of letting light in or keeping it out.

3. Roman Blinds
These classic blinds are also a great bedroom choice, especially if you don’t want light reflecting on your face come morning, but are still partial to natural daylight when you’re not asleep. Remember that typical roman blinds don’t come with blackout linings, so make sure you order them as well.

4. Vertical Blinds
Like Roman blinds, vertical blinds aren’t designed to entirely block out sunlight. However, they do come with attachments that make it possible to affix blackout linens.

The only issue is that since vertical blinds have gaps between the rails and the fabric, as well as between each fabric strip, they make total blackouts virtually impossible. So you may get sunlight streaming in from above.

5. Wooden Venetian Blinds
These types of blinds have gaps between their wooden slats. This, coupled with the holes through which the cords run, means sunlight can stream through a ton of places. So just like the vertical blinds, wooden Venetian blinds alone may not be the best coverings for your bedroom.

If you’re set on getting this particular type of blind, then look for privacy wooden Venetian. Privacy wooden Venetian blinds allow for more security, but they also prevent heat transferring into your bedroom. 

Overall, blinds suitable for bedrooms have to do with personal taste. Above are a few to consider when remodeling your bedroom. At Rapid Blinds we provide blinds for your bedroom to not only maintain privacy but also create aesthetic appeal.

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Do Wood Blinds Warp in the Sun

Do wood blinds warp in the sun? This is perhaps one of the questions that you, as a homeowner, have wondered. This article will dive deep into this question, giving you the answer and so much more. From the different types of wood blinds, to the installation; this article will give you everything you need to know.

Do Wood Blinds Warp in the Sun

Types of Wood Blinds

  • 1. Real Wood Blinds:
    • These wood blinds use the finest wood available in nature including oak, cherry and basswood.Do wood blinds warp in the sun


  • 2. Composite Wood Blinds:


  • 3. Faux Wood Blinds:
    • The material used here is the poly-vinyl Chloride (PVC).

Factors Affecting Warping in Wood Blinds

  1. Material Used

The material used to make the blind in relation to different conditions will determine whether it will warp or not.

  • Wood Blinds


    • Natural wood blinds withstand direct sunlight and heat better. The North American hardwood or basswood, in this case, is the best. Natural wood has a lot of moisture and therefore it goes through a long drying process. Basswood is very good because it can be dried optimally without getting brittle.
    • Wood blinds are excellent for several area windows except for high-humidity spaces like the laundry, kitchen sink and washroom windows. Moisture will negatively affect the wood in the long run.


  • Composite Wood Blinds


    • The center of these blinds are plastic and materials are added to make them sturdy. This prevents them from warping with excessive heat and sunshine.


    • The off-white or white color slats are the best because they have big resistance to warping. Avoid darker color slats. The lighter color ones facilitate less heat absorption.


    • These blinds are very good in regards to moisture, they are easy to clean and care for. One can use a moist cloth to wipe it clean and they will not be affected. They are good for high-humidity areas such as laundry, washrooms and kitchen.


  • Faux Wood Blinds


    • PVC which is a thermoplastic is used here as the core material. This PVC is known for its high durability, fiber resistance and strength to weight ratio. 



  1. String Spacing for Blinds

Proper string spacing prevents warping. Strings/ ladders hold the blind slats in its position and allow us to open and close the blinds with leisure. String spacing is the distance between one string and another. Among the three types of blinds, the wood blind is the lightest. This means that wood blinds require less support and the string spacing is as wide as twenty-four inches. Wood blinds give better aesthetics as a result because several middle-strings don’t block the view. The string- spacing for faux wood blinds is 11 inches and for composite wood blinds is 14 inches.

  1. Blind Width and Installation

There are main brackets which keep the blind secure. Some window sizes require that you have one or more center-support brackets. A professional installation ensures that the right number of support brackets are fixed and are located in the right position. Without this, the end brackets will start to loosen. The head-rail sagging will transfer to the slats and the slats will start to look warped.


Proper installation, hardware and materials all contribute to helping keep your blinds warp-free.  We hope this guide has answered your questions about wood blinds warping.  What ever type of blinds you chose for you home, we offer free in-home measuring and professional installation

Some blogs are written by authorized members of our advertising team for marketing purposes only. Some content may not correctly depict product specifications and may vary depending on product. For more information please call our sales office.

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